Hot FM & The Millionaire Monk


“I’ve been walking around with chronic pain for over 6 years now. After the session, it’s gone. Today I was able to think & let things flow.” – Illy’s Life Renovator, Amanda. So Grateful! Check out your’s truly, the Millionaire Monk testimonials on Hot FM! Get a sense for your self, what all the buzz…

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Niyc Pidgeon & The Millionaire Monk


Niyc Pidgeon – Why I spent Saturday with a Kung Fu Master One of the great things about life as a location independent entrepreneur is meeting and spending time with awesome new people around the world. I attended a business retreat recently and through mutual friends I was introduced to Rhyn Nasser, The Millionaire Monk,…

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Choose Progress Not Perfection


So we jumped in, took a camera and got a drone! I tell my clients our potential is out side of our comfort zone, so stepping into our potential and choosing to get it done, rather then perfection, is a key to FAST GROWTH in what ever you are choosing!? If you want fast growth…

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Next Free 7 Day Flow and Empowerment Challenge!

Qi rocks

Wow I love this….Round 3 is kicking off! The Free 7 Day Empowerment and Flow Challenge Anyone in the world can join in on this amazing journey! You can gift it to your friends also! For those on this challenge… I am looking forward to your journey and seeing what shows up for you! I…

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FlowState Collective Podcast Feat. Rhyn Nasser

kfu suit

Hey Super Stars! Sending much love and chi your way! Here is a Podcast interview with Jiro Taylor from FlowState collective! Its up on itunes now, so you can click and listen right away. Already I have received quite a few personal messages from new clients, friends and listeners, loving the podcast and wanting to…

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Rhyn..What is Qigong?


Qigong, (pronounced “Chi Kung”) is a powerful moving meditation that incorporates breath work and integrates postures and movements that build energy (Qi)! The practice opens the meridian channels, balances mind, body and spirit and connects you to your source. You become both grounded and connected to higher states of consciousness with a good Qigong practice…

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