Choose Progress Not Perfection


So we jumped in, took a camera and got a drone! I tell my clients our potential is out side of our comfort zone, so stepping into our potential and choosing to get it done, rather then perfection, is a key to FAST GROWTH in what ever you are choosing!?

If you want fast growth get clear on your end goal, get clear on your game plan and apply this idea NOW! You will gain fast growth and that means results!

This is exactly how this video took place, naturally organically as we chose to get it done, have some fun and demand progression over perfection!

It is progression that leads to mastery not perfection after all!

1000’s of new lessons and new insights, you will gain about your self and your vision, when choose this fast path! It also means your growth game will be stronger then anyone else, especially those who are agonizing over perfection!

When you look around, those who get coaching, are growing and breaking through faster then people who are not! There are many reasons for that!

It takes courage to step up and find a great mentor who can deliver an epic transformation and get you amazing results fast!

I tell people all the time though, the best athletes, business owners and people at the top of their game, have 1 or many coaches!

Yet people shy away from getting help and yet idolise their favourite sports stars, athletes and entrepreneurs and think they got there by themselves!

I am all for ease in life but I am more for approaching life intelligently to make life more richer in every area. So I to have coaches and mentors I work with!

Everyone at the top of there game has a mentor, guide or coach! Remember that! Its one of the fastest ways of gaining growth, clarity and building a solid vision!

The Michael Jordans, The Tesla’s, the Einstein’s all had and have people giving them great insights into their gifts, and allowing them to gain more leverage over their struggles, which allowed them to progress fast!

Its just an intelligent way to grow faster and get better results!

My first mentor and my first Taoist Kungfu master both said the same things, if your teacher hasn’t got at least 5 mentors then they are not growing, unless they are at the stage of what the taoist masters call, full expression of true self! This is built on foundations, practices, principles, the teachers guide and the applied effort of the student over time!

The world is moving so fast, so you will never hit the perfection your aiming for, So its better to just get it done and make it fun! You will learn more about who you are, taking rapid action towards your vision, then bottling up your gifts and unique potential for a perfect time! This is a brave path, but its a much faster path which is what you actually want!

You learn more from doing it, having a go, launching, failing
and correcting in flight, then trying to make it perfect!

The only time is now and the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago… The next best time is now! A proverb I learnt in China!

Enjoy and please share this video as the msg and words here might inspire people to make the change they have been wishing for!

This video was made just by choosing to get it done!


Rhyn Nasser

The Millionaire Monk!