FlowState Collective Podcast Feat. Rhyn Nasser

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Hey Super Stars!

Sending much love and chi your way!
Here is a Podcast interview with Jiro Taylor from FlowState collective!
Its up on itunes now, so you can click and listen right away.
Already I have received quite a few personal messages from new clients, friends and listeners, loving the podcast and wanting to sign up directly for my next program. This must mean its a valuable listen, inspiring, insightful and perhaps full of energy too! I hope you enjoy it! Since this is my first ever podcast, please share it amongst friends if you resonate with the message or feel others may benefit from what I share. It was recored last year but I feel its worth sharing as more friends and students are drawn to my work now.
If you have done any training with me, its worth while listening to this also.
Its been a vision of mine to spark and start a Qi Gong Movement in Australia. I have been working on this diligently over the past year and its been my intention for many years now to do this. The aim is to make this ancient practice more accessible and practiced around Australia, (and globally) much like cross fit or yoga is. Here is something Jiro Quoted me saying on this podcast.
“There’s no more need for war anymore, we’ve got such a great opportunity in front of everyone now to create ideas and to collaborate with people all over the globe! It’s definitely time for a massive shift!

Without further ado!

Enjoy, tell us what you think and please share 🙂