Hot FM & The Millionaire Monk


“I’ve been walking around with chronic pain for over 6 years now. After the session, it’s gone. Today I was able to think & let things flow.” – Illy’s Life Renovator, Amanda.

So Grateful! Check out your’s truly, the Millionaire Monk testimonials on Hot FM!

Get a sense for your self, what all the buzz is about! This is super powerful work!
It’s a great feeling to be giving back from your life’s work, your purpose and heart!
Thank you to Illy Brophy from Hot FM FNQ! So grateful for capturing this and your continued support on the journey!

This is a quote that made me seek out some of the best teachers!
“Blessed is the man with many great teachers”
The best people in the world, have mentors, coaches or guides!
Investing in our selves, is the best possible thing we can do!

Check out the possibilities on this live recording on Hot Fm!
You can get a taste for what it is I do.
Super Grateful!