Niyc Pidgeon & The Millionaire Monk


Niyc Pidgeon Why I spent Saturday with a Kung Fu Master

One of the great things about life as a location independent entrepreneur is meeting and spending time with awesome new people around the world.

I attended a business retreat recently and through mutual friends I was introduced to Rhyn Nasser, The Millionaire Monk, whose expertise lies in helping you to powerfully connect with your genius.

Rhyn spent 7 years living in the mountains of China with Shaolin Monks and Taoist Warriors, studying the art of Kung Fu and now works with entrepreneurs to help them perform at their peak – much like I do, but with a very different set of tools.

Where I use my expertise as a Positive Psychologist and Success Coach to help you create your life of joy, personal power, and unstoppable success, Rhyn uses an integrated process that has evolved as a progression of spiral dynamics, combined with his own years of experience and teaching.

Rhyn is also a Qi Gong Master and on the last day of our retreat Rhyn led us through a morning Qi Gong practice which helped us ground and charge our energy and be at one with ourselves – all with a beautiful backdrop!

It is really exciting to be working through such a process with Rhyn, which will take 2 months in total.

The intention is to release any lingering emotions or attachments to behaviours, thoughts and beliefs that might be keeping you stuck in a pattern that doesnt facilitate the best version of you expanding.

We started with the first session and looked at the root cause of three different areas – shame, guilt, and dogma.

Each session works to clear a different area and different chakra, to release negative patterns that have built up over time.

Rhyn explained the session and then we worked through each area in turn, and first identified when it was first experienced, and then we worked to clear it, and then coach around it.

Level 2 focused on creativity, and on letting go of any programmed fear, grief or paralysed will.

Now this might not sound like it makes sense, and you definitely have to trust the process, but this week I am feeling really good – and apparently as you progress through the levels of the process, and clear more chakras and emotions, you begin to feel better and better.

We study positive emotions within Positive Psychology and know how important and powerful it is to increase your experience of positive emotions, as well as decreasing the experience of negative emotions, in order to allow you to thrive.

This process works on eliminating any lingering negatives and allows you to come back in to your brilliance and focus on what is good.

I’m always interested in trying new techniques and learning more about what is possible when we connect in with ourselves.

How you treat yourself and how you give to yourself in terms of your personal development work will determine how you grow and make progress.

What choices are you making this week that allow you to give time and energy to yourself?

Where can you take a little time or direct a little intention to let go of those things that no longer serve you?

How can you work on yourself to allow you to move forwards into being an expanded, upgraded version of you?

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