Learn to use Ancient Energy Techniques to Triple Productivity, Results and Flow!

It all starts with you... and finding the right mentor who can ignite your flame!

Are you looking for massive shifts in your day to day results, in business or your personal life? My 8 Week Challenge is consistently knocking people’s results out of the park. Nothing beats success when you feel fulfilled, content and happy from the inside! You will experience massive growth on many levels as you journey through the 8 Week Challenge and reveal your authentic, empowered self.

My program is consistently getting better, challenging you in a way that brings out your best conscious self! And unlike other programs, the growth and results participants experience from taking the 8 Week Challenge continue to keep moving their lives forward well after the program is complete.

Do you want to ignite your flame, high tune your personal vibration and vision, boost your energy levels, take your life or business to the next level and grow as an integrated conscious being? Then now is the time to do so!

Book in for a free clarity session and experience my coaching style, and what I can bring out in you. Just this short session will give you clarity on your vision and empower you to take action towards your goals! If you then decide to join me on the 8 Week Challenge you will experience a powerful and complete transformation that will enrich your life and bring even greater rewards.

Everyone is different and my core focus is to bring out more of your unique brilliance and vision, so you can play at your best regardless of your current status or position.

I'm just an ordinary guy that has dedicated a lot of my wealth and time to learning about the transformational arts, living with masters, training diligently and studying the best ways to have an integrated transformation. For me, it’s about embodying what you know, so you show up authentically in this world.

My path has been fun and rewarding, but not easy. I have devoted a lot of time to navigating around my own limitations, past programming, and busting the complexities of self that keep us from having peace or playing at our best. With the 8 Week Challenge I give you access to the knowledge that took me years to obtain. My goal is to make it easier for others – for YOU - to walk the path.

There is no "top" to this journey: That’s what makes it so rewarding and interesting! If you’re looking for an upgrade to your life check in for a clarity session. Take the risk and honour your self! I dare you...

Best wishes on your journey!

Rhyn Nasser
The Millionaire Monk

8 Week Challenge Success Stories

More Case Studies Scheduled for this year! So Stayed Tuned😉

  • Week 1 – Starting Strong

  • Week 2 – Gratitude & Manifestation

  • Week 3 – Breath Visualisation & Purpose

  • Week 4 – Setting Goals From Your Core

  • Week 5 – Empowering Your Journey

  • Week 6 – Finding Comfort In The Uncomfortable

  • Week 7 – Zhan Zuang Standing Challenge

  • Week 8 – Appreciation Love & Celebration

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