Rhyn..What is Qigong?


Qigong, (pronounced “Chi Kung”) is a powerful moving meditation that incorporates breath work and integrates postures and movements that build energy (Qi)! The practice opens the meridian channels, balances mind, body and spirit and connects you to your source. You become both grounded and connected to higher states of consciousness with a good Qigong practice and a teacher to guide you
through the levels. This means that you perform better and with much more ease and grace in your life!

I feel strongly about sharing this art as a great contribution to the world and a way for people to awaken their inner knowing and potential! I believe being more of you, is the gift the world requires!

Chi means, energy, breath or universal energy! Gong means work, so it’s just breath work or energy work! Once you start to practice you will see it’s all about energy mastery and a very fast way to feel connected, be mindful and energize the body to preform under pressure!

Qigong has an amazing ability to heal and boost performance. The practice is also phenomenal for spiritual development and exploring higher levels of consciousness too.

Everyone individually has a different expression of what Qigong practice means to them!

If your familiar with Ken Wilbur’s work Kosmic Consciousness? Qigong is an amazing way to have more state experiences daily which lead to state growth! Qigong is like personal development on steroids with out the negative side effects!

I have trained with many leading Qigong masters and kungfu masters in China and other international masters also. From my experience, exploration and love for the energetic arts, as well as an intense study on the law of attraction, self mastery and many philosophies and time spent living with great masters in full time study. I have developed my own Qi gong practice and sets! These sets are producing amazing results in peak performance and personal transformation of mind body and spirit. Quite quickly people are manifesting a more opulent and positive life! I work with some of the best athletes in the country, Afl players, high level cross fit athletes and the best free diver in the country! Although my focus is on business owners and entrepreneurs, if your human and your willing to step up to change! You will benefit from my work and what I share!

If your more connected and certain in your life purpose and with in your self! You will make more of an impact in the world!

People who take on my training are buzzing, breaking through, feeling connected, healing, finding inner peace and are opened up to so much more freedom and possibilities in their life fast.

It’s a phenomenal feeling to see the results people get!

Because of this I put together a Free 7 day Empowerment and Flow Challenge! I am super keen to get this work into the world now! The testimonials of what people experienced on the challenge is amazing and it’s just a warm up of what is possible for you and others! If you would like to get a taste of my work in just 7 days! Hit me up here and just message me right now to join the next Free 7 Day Empowerment and Flow Challenge!

You will be glad you did it!

Sometimes its best to go and experience it for your self, just like travel! Then you have a taste for your self and you will know even more! Its like if I was trying to tell you how good ice cream is, and you have yet to taste ice cream! You might feel my passion and enthusiasm but you will never know until you try Ice cream for your self! So give yourself a chance to try Qigong through one of my programs! This will then lead into a chance to do coaching work with me’

Qigong will boost your flow in life! Open your heart to you!

And create a connection to your source and unique essences!

Your focus for a greater life will inspire me!

The Millionaire Monk